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Doob Dreamer

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Doob Dreamer

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The Doob Dreamer began it's life as Sitori Sonics' take on the famous 808 circuit.  But there was a bit of a problem......

We hated the damn 808 to begin with.

Sure it sounded great as a dirty boost pushing on a few select amps, but most of the time it sounded like a nasally gurge.

So we thought we would fatten up the tone selection to get rid of that nasal.... thing.  Then we smoothed out the clipping section and gave it some balls to boot.  As a bonus we craft them (as with the rest of our pedals) using the absolute highest quality parts available to make it the most transparent drive around.  Now you can actually use it as a stand alone overdrive!

There's more-  the new version of the Doob Dreamer lets you switch between very different clipping sections.  Position ONE (Pinner) gives you a smooth compressed clip full of sustain, while position TWO (Fatty) gives up the goods with an extremely dynamic amp-y overdrive with plenty of sack.

In addition there are two new additional switches, NORML and THICK, which will allow you two attain an extra fat fuzz-like bottom when toggled.

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